Black Datsun 240z (Sold)

IMG_0946A very straight and original rust free California Datsun 240z. Originally Brown but repainted in black a quite a while ago. The front end has been refreshed to remove stone chips in more recent years. The underside is very good with no signs of repairs or rot. This car runs and drives really well and was in daily use just before I imported it. Now UK registered and MOT’d. Interior is all good and very quiet due to the thick carpets and insulation making it a very comfortable car to drive around in. I’ve not done a lot to the car since getting it but have driven it around on dry days and I really like it. I’m not struck on the black although it is growing on me.

My plans for the car:

The usual strip and seal the underside and replace all the underside parts that wear. Eg: bushes, track rod ends, ball joints, brake overhaul, and dampers if needed. Lower the front a couple of inches so it doesn’t look like a 4×4 and fit a pair of UK antiroll bars. Then return the car back to its original metallic brown. I may go for a slightly darker brown but try to keep the original theme of the car. Wheels will probably be changes for 15″ black centered allycats I already have.



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