Green Datsun 240z (Sold)

Green 240z

This Datsun 240z came straight from California and was being used daily as a runaround by the owner of a zed restorer/dealer in LA. Not only one of the most solid S30’s I’ve seen but also the most untouched apart from the paint. It had an outside blowover quite a while ago but the enginebay and interior were left the original factory green. The inside had a waxy coating on it that has preserved all the original paint and left near perfect floors and tirewell. All the original tan interior is intact but the seats are a bit worn. Usual cracked dash but but great door cards. Everything electrical works on the car and it starts, stops and drives fine. Engine looks like its been freshly rebuilt along with the brakes.

Since I’ve had the car I’ve stripped and resealed the floors, inside and out. Stripped off all the suspension and had it acid dipped and powdercoated. Then rebuilt it all with a full urethane bush kit. Its UK registered and MOT’ed (done before stripdown) so should be back on the road in a few weeks.

Suspensions all back on now and I’m just going through the brakes to get it rolling again. Need to source an exhaust as the one I’ve just taken off is not worth putting back on.

27th December 2015

Finished the suspension, steering and brakes today and the car drives great. Ended up putting the old exhaust back on so I could go for a drive and it sounds real 70’s. There’s no center box and just a small rear silencer so its got a real raspy sound when you rev it. Goes much better than I thought it would so I’ll have to check the diff ratio. Its came with uprated springs and you can feel the difference from the black car. handles really well with very little roll but still rides nice. There’s a whole load of small jobs that need doing but I can see myself driving this one a lot between working on it.


Future plans for the car:

Re-dye the interior vinyl and plastic in tan so it all matches (some parts are really sun burnt). Recover the top sections of the door cards. Replace the seats with tan leather porsche seats. Fit a dash cap. Then re-paint the car in its original Green colour. Fit 240z bumpers without the US extensions and new door handles to finish the full resto look.



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