Red 260z RHD (Sold)

img_2041Another recent acquisition but this time I bought the car locally. Only7 miles away actually. It was at a car Saturday breakfast club I go to once a month with a for sale sign on it. It didn’t take much to convince me this was a great car to buy so the deal was done there and then. It’s a well known car in the zclub scene and was built as a clubman drag/hill climb car in the late ’90’s. The shell is in really good condition for a UK car  and the bit that have been repaired have been done well. The mod list is quite impressive too. Fourways built a set of sectioned struts that make the car feel very planted with a good ballence between great handling and a comfi ride. The engine was overbored and has been worked on by both Osselli and fourways with lots of good tweaks. It has an uprated prop and custom driveshafts together with a nismo plate LSD. Sparco bucket seats and harnesses along with a full black leather retrimed interior.

I love driving this car as its not just very sporty to drive but also very civilized to potter around in.


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