Red Datsun 280z project (Sold)

IMG_3856This is one of the recent batches from California. I bought this one having been very impressed with my other v8 powered red 280z. The plan was to build another one to match the v8 one but keep the original EFI L28 engine. This may still be the plan but I find myself with just too many cars and not enough room. So, I’m offering this one for sale and have priced it at the very bottom end of the market to see what happens. If it doesn’t sell quickly then I go back to my original plane and build another car for myself. My problem is that I get very attached to these cars and despite having far too many, once I start working on them I just cant bring myself to let them go. That’s why I’m offering this for sale before I even look at it.

What attracted me to the car was the untouched look and the way the panels fitted. All the key areas I look for are in perfect condition and the body requires virtually no attention what so ever. It does have area’s of rust but not in places I’m bothered about. The main area is around the battery tray. There is a great big hole where is was and this extends to the baulkhead. Not a difficult area to fix and as I would probably do a RHD conversion, this area would need attention anyway. Another area is on the rear of the passenger floor which has a large hole which will need plating. The rear bottom section of the drivers floor rail will require a small area replacing. There is also a hole inside the passenger door and some rust bubbles on one of the doglegs which will probably end up being a hole to plate. None of these amount to major work IMO.

I’ve not tried to start the car as the coil has been removed and if I start working on it I’ll find myself wanting to keep it. Overall the car looks pretty complete but there may be the odd part missing. Interior looks pretty good although it needs a good clean out of rubbish. I would advise anyone to come and look at the car if your interested but I have priced it cheap enough to allow for any bits I’ve missed. I’ve sent off the registration application so it will be sold UK registered with a number plate and tax free status.

£5k is the asking price.