Series 1 now RHD

I bought this one from the UK a few months back. It’s going to need a lot of panel beating but at least its not rusty. The plan is to build myself another car so this will be built as I want with no regard to future values. Body wise it will stay pretty standard with just the marker lights removed to clean up the look. I’ll be going light weight with no real regard for creature comforts. All the sound deadening will be removed and the whole car will be painted and most of the interior paint visible. I may go for fiberglass tailgate and bonnet along with replica fiberglass valance/spoiler. Strut brace front and back with some additional light weight  body strengthening using factory mount points. I especially love the look of the series one luggage area so this won’t be covered. There will be floor mats but that’s about it. I have a specific look in mind and have included a picture below to give an idea of what I’m after. The engine bay will be clean and unclutted with an L-series sitting there. Hidden wiring and brake line where possible.


19th October 2020

Body has been sent for shot/soda blasting and zinc epoxy primed all over. I will probably take a look at it today and discuss with the body man costs and timescales. Depending on the price I may do some of the metalwork myself but we will see what he says.

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