Silver 240z – Now RHD



This is my current project car. It’s a LHD import that was brought over from California a few years back. I bought it in the summer and have been tidying it up since. The shell is in pretty good condition and I mainly cleaned it up and sealed the underside and painted the engine bay. I’m planning on leaving the outside the way it is. I’ve converted it to RHD as the car came with a RHD dash, pedal box and steering rack. Replace fuel and brake lines and fitted some BC coilovers. Initially I’m just trying to get the car up and running so I can use it and then do some more upgrades latter. I quite like the 15×9 wheels that came with the car so the plan is to use them for now. I think they also go with the general appearance of the car.

29th April 2019

Things have moved on now to the point where the car is pretty nearly finished and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, although with me, nothing is even finished and always evolves. Here is a list of the mods I’ve done to the car:

  1. RHD conversion
  2. S14 gearbox conversion
  3. 2.8 engine from a 280z
  4. TWM throttle bodies
  5. Life racing F88 ecu
  6. ECU display using Linx 7 windows 10 tablet
  7. Generic wiring with Ezwiring loom
  8. LED headlights with built in indicators
  9. BC coilovers
  10. Toyota vented front brake conversion
  11. 16×8 et0 seven20 wheels and 205/55 r16 tyres
  12. Zstory exhaust and manifold
  13. FRP Automotive fiberglass bumpers

19th October 2020

I have now swapped the engine and throttle bodies. The new engine is over 3.0lt using: f54 block bored to 88.5mm, JE piston, maxpeeding 240z rods, LD28 crank, and a ported Samuri conversions n42 head. I have made my own inlet manifold to suit the Hyabusa ITB’s. Still using the Life F88 ecu but have added dual knock control.

IMG_5691(Edited) IMG_5689 IMG_5463(Edited) IMG_5462




IMG_3503 IMG_3509 IMG_3510 IMG_3511IMG_4192IMG_4193IMG_4203IMG_4204IMG_4220IMG_4221IMG_4232IMG_4297IMG_4314IMG_4316IMG_4325IMG_4327 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3514IMG_3570IMG_3572IMG_3573IMG_3574IMG_3575IMG_3793IMG_3795IMG_3796IMG_3809IMG_3815IMG_3888IMG_3889IMG_3890IMG_3891