Yellow Datsun 240z (Sold)

IMG_1912Another car has just arrived from sunny California and I’m not disappointed. I didn’t get to see many pictures of the car before I bought it but all the area’s I hadn’t seen turned out great.

About the car – It’s a January ’71 car so the last of the series 1 production run. This car is very original and by the look of it, never touched from the day it was produced. Its lack of rust would indicate it’s never seen rain and been kept away from the coast all its life. I’m told its been with the same owner all its life and was parked up under cover 17 years ago. The paint is all original and the car has no signs of any additional paintwork or repairs since it was new. The underside has all its original paint along with the inside floor pans, wheel arches and was never undersealed from the factory. The outside paint is all there but has worn through to the base coat in a few places and has lots of marks a scratches all over the car. The body also has lots of small dents like its been in a hail storm. One of the doglegs has a very small hole in the centre and there are a few bits of surface rust. Overall this car is in a remarkably preserved state and I think if I spend my whole life looking, I wont find a more original unrestored car in this good a condition. The interior is in exceptional condition apart from the cracked dash and rip in the drivers seat. The matching numbers engine runs great and all the electrics works fine. The car drives really well apart from the tired dampers but I will strip it all down and replace all the bushes, ball joints and track rod ends.

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