Orange 240z – 4BOA



I bought 4 BOA as an unfinished project that had been sitting for a long time. It was a famous car in the Zclub scene and the owner had written a few articles called “tales from the garden shed” about the mods he did to the car. The car looked pretty solid but still needed a lot of work to make it nice again. It had been owned by the same family since the late 70’s and they bought it from the person that purchased the car from a local Nissan deal, new. I only live a couple of miles from the dealer and the car has lived its whole life in a 4 mile radius. The car was already stripped to a shell so took the car straight to the media blasters. This uncovered a few more places that would need addressing but nothing too serious. Its already had quite a lot of repairs but still needed a bit of tidying up. In addition to this I decided to replace the rear valence and both rear inner wheel arches with new panels. One of the doors needed a lower repair panel and the other was a little too far gone so was replaced with a rust free US door. The floors were original but needed quite a lot of straightening to remove all the small dents it had collected over the years. The chassis rails had already been replaced and still had the Nissan stickers on them.

Spent a long time on the underside of the car making sure it was fully sealed for the UK weather. I don’t want rust to return. Finished it all off with a coat of stone chip. This will get painted over in the colour of the car.

Once off the rotisserie it was time to reassemble all the panels to make sure they all fit and the car is straight. They all fitted correctly so its time to send the shell off to the paint shop to prep and paint.

Its been in there a while now but with all the other cars arriving, I’m in no hurry to get it back. It can sit there in the dry as free storage. I have checked on it a few times and its getting pretty close to paint but they are busy on other jobs so I wont say a lot until spring.

002IMG_0423 (Medium) 015 (Small) 010 (Small)IMG_0538IMG_0540IMG_0541 IMG_0381IMG_0501IMG_0503IMG_0505














21st September 2018

It’s now been painted inside and out. Well, it was actually painted a couple of years ago but I haven’t got around to putting it back together. I’m promising myself I’ll get on with it over the winter period with a view to having it finished for next summer so watch this space.

IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2113 IMG_2124 IMG_2127










With regard to the colour choice, it’s not 918 orange. I’ve just tried to choose a colour I like and similar to the look I’m going for which is the car below.

IMG_0513 IMG_0514